Pricing and Charges 


Pricing for a Full day or Half service can be viewed on the bookings page. Please find below a rough guide to how I structure my charges.


Full day or Half day rates

I am often asked if I can 'just get it going' or 'just do an hour make it work a bit'. Whilst this might seem like a viable way of repairing a jukebox, it rarely provides a solution to the complex faults known to occur in classic jukeboxes. Think of your jukebox as a classic car: Say you were having trouble with the brakes and had them repaired quickly on the cheap. Would this allow for time to check through and service the entire braking system? How would you feel if something else in that system failed a week later? And wouldn't you be upset if the garage gave you another bill for further work that they could have carried out whilst they had it on the ramp? 

Booking a Full day service allows for a enough time to get most jukeboxes working 100% provided they are in a restored condition and have been working properly in recent year. I have been booked to service a good many jukeboxes in the last few years that really ought to have been taken to a workshop and mechanically restored and re-wired. In these cases, I can do a deal on more more than one Full day.

If your jukebox really does just need a smaller service or a specific repair then a Half day service can now be booked online. Please be aware that this is not available in areas beyond a reasonable distance from my address.


Mileage charges...

All of my services rates are priced to include mileage to and from your address. The mileage accounts for time spent on the road as well as vehicle running costs. For the use of a private vehicle, most businesses in the UK will pay an employee around 45p per mile PLUS their wages or salary. My average price per mile now works out at a little less than this and doesn't include provision for wages, essentially the mileage rate is charged at cost price. Mileage charges (included in full day and half day rates) work out anywhere from £30 for local jobs up to about £125 for jobs with a 300 mile round trip. 


Service charges...

The service charge is based on the entire time taken to both complete the service, and travel to and from your address, which on an average Full day is about 10 hours, but often over 12.  I very rarely take a break during this time either - you won't be paying me to eat a big lunch! My hourly rate actually works out at less than the average hourly rate for a car mechanic, which now stands at about £85 an hour!

The most important considerations when choosing an engineer to service your jukebox should be quality and value for money. Although I cannot claim to be the cheapest engineer available, you will find that my work delivers excellence in both of these areas.  

If you have any questions about pricing, please send me an email.

If you are ready to have your jukebox serviced properly then you can book online now...