November Round up..

Hello and welcome,

I can't quite believe that November has come and gone already, it has been an exceptionally busy month. I have managed to carry out 19 full and thorough services and 3 partial services, traveling over 4000 miles in the process! I'm actually nearly fully booked now until the new year but please do get in touch if you are reading this and would like to get your jukebox serviced before the christmas holidays, I will do my best to fit you in. You will find an enquiry form by clicking here.

Here are a few photos of some of the jukeboxes I have repaired this month....

This Lovely Wurlitzer 1100 is now fully serviced and repaired and is on display for all to behold at the Duchess in Battersea London. Its always nice to see a jukebox in its natural environment, I don't very often do repairs to jukeboxes in pubs.. 


A fully restored AMI I200 which just had a partial service, this is one of the best restorations I have come across...

This Wurlitzer 2610 belongs to a very lovely lady whose soothing voice and wise words can be heard on Radio 4 from time to time....It needed a full and thorough service and a few parts repaired. 

This is a photo of every piece of chrome from a Wurlitzer 2100 which is currently undergoing restoration. Having a classic jukebox re-chromed is a big job and can be quite costly for the chrome plating alone. Most jukeboxes were partly constructed using an alloy formed from magnesium and zinc known as 'Mazsak alloy'. It is quite possible for these castings to completely disintegrate if they are treated like a solid steel casting during the plating process, it is well worth using an expert restorer for this level of work!

Here we have the inner workings of a 1941 Wurlitzer 81 countertop jukebox. It is always a pleasure to work on 78rpm jukeboxes though they are incredibly time consuming and often don't run perfectly every play. This particular mechanism had unfortunately been sprayed almost entirely with silver paint leaving many of the gears and workings struggling to operate efficiently. These machines where so beautifully engineered using top quality metals. There would however, usually be a fibrous gear, early in the drive system which is often the one that fails, as it was with this example. A specialist gear maker in Manchester has now finished machining a new gear for us, it will be arriving this week! 

Finally, you may have read about my experience and training with Dave's Jukeboxes ltd over the last 15 years or so. I can now announce that new owners will be taking over the business next week as Dave makes the transition to (semi) retirement. Dave will be working with the new owners for the next few months and indeed thereafter as they take the brand forward into the future. 

The new owners have an excellent knowledge of vintage electronics and audio systems which will give them a massive advantage in their new ventures with Dave's jukeboxes. Both Dave and myself have been using them for many years for the repair of jukebox amplifiers and sound systems. They have been hard at work preparing their new showroom and workspace, I'm sure there will be a grand opening soon! I will continue to work closely with Dave's jukeboxes and offer my full support for the future.

Here is a memorable moment that sums up how far Dave would go to get the job done......